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ABout us

BeYou develops and produces sustainably in Denmark. We are strong advocates that it is important to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste. We know we have a responsibility  to help create a better eco-friendly market in the skincare industry, that is why we use sustainable packaging and respect biodiversity.

Our products have not been tested on animals and do not contain hormone-disrupting substances or perfumes. In order to take care of the environment and care for the nourishment of the creams, a lot of the products are sold in glass bottles and can be handed to your nearest BeYou dealer for recycling.


Our goal is to create effective skincare solutions through ecological and sustainable farming practices. We believe the more natural the product is the better it is for the environment and the better it is for you.

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our story

We made it our quest to find the ultimate care and treatment for the skin. We have traveled around the world in search of the purest ingredients.

Our trip led us to West Africa, where we found the purest and most organic form of shea butter. Shea butter is a special ingredient that is extracted from the shea tree's nut. Our distinctive product is unique on the skin and It's natural form will have a miracle effect to moisturize and heal your skin

We discovered that our shea butter is an unrivaled product and we feel the need to pass this on to you.



Research and development

Our knowledgeable and experienced heart, beats for quality, results with it's natural way and environmental friendly products. 


We want to set the standard for environmentally correct skincare products, this is exactly why we have been using recycled and material for eco-friendly packaging. We have also been producing all of BeYou's skincare products with declaration by Soil Association organic, The Vegan Society & Allergy Certified to guarantee a transparancy for our word.

With BeYou skincare you can be sure of one thing. Our products are based on clean, eco-friendly raw materials under strict requirements and strict  quality control.


We are also proud to always be at the cutting edge of development through new production methods, new raw materials, in short – new ways. We certainly are also proud to be the first company in the world to have 100% pure shea butter approved by Allergy Certified
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